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Cornish Insurance | Our Products: Marine Cargo
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Marine Cargo

It is suggested that as much as half of the goods imported or exported, including movements within the UK mainland only, are uninsured or incorrectly insured for loss, damage or theft.

It is a misconception that goods handed to a freight forwarder, haulier, shipping line or airline, whichever the case may be, are fully insured in the event that such goods are lost, stolen or damaged.  Virtually all companies within the transport field are legally entitled – under their contact conditions or applicable transport law ,to limit their liability to you, the owner of the goods based upon the weight or volume of the cargo, usually resulting in payment of an amount much less than the loss actually suffered.

Claiming against such companies to recover such losses is both time consuming and in many cases unsuccessful due to the costs involved in such actions, many of which could involve foreign courts and specialist legal advisors/representatives.

Freight Cargo policies cover movements both internationally and domestically within the UK – whether by road, rail, sea or air and can include both temporary and long term storage at any time during this process.
It is without doubt a specialist area that needs careful consideration and a broker capable of providing you with clear concise information and advice.

At Cornish Insurance we are able to offer bespoke Cargo policies to suit your companies needs. 

Our specialist team, comprising John Keane and Rob Smith have, within this market, combined experience totalling over 60 years. 

Once we obtain the relevant information from you regarding the types of goods to be transported, methods of transport, countries involved, and the volumes shipped we will then put together an easy to understand affordable policy from one of the UK’s top insurers.

We are able to offer:-

We are also available to give advice on your current methods of international trade identifying areas where the cover you have in place may not be adequate or if certain wordings are restrictive on you or your company.

One-Off Policies

A one off cargo policy is designed to cover a one off movement, from one country to another, of goods that are outside the scope of you or your business’ usual activities.

Examples of how a one off policy may be used:-

  • Moving household goods and personal effect from the UK to Spain

  • Your company has purchased a new manufacturing machine from Korea and you need insurance protection until it is delivered to your premises

Annual Marine Policies

For all companies that are involved in the import/export business and/or onward UK transits.

Foreign suppliers of goods may try and sell you insurance along with the goods you are purchasing. This insurance may well be on a very limited/restricted basis and it would be up to you to pursue any claim with a foreign insurer. Insure your goods through us with a UK based insurer with a policy that you can rely on. Done this way you will save money on your premium and we will deal with any claim from start to finish in a quick and effective manner.

Open cover policy

This type of policy is generally used for two types of businesses:-

  • If you are a freight forwarder you can offer your client the benefits of full cargo cover rather than limited liability cover giving you and your client peace of mind. You will also be able to supply your client with there own insurance policy documents.

  • If you are a large UK manufacturer monitor your insurance costs per sale by issuing a certificate of insurance for each sending you make. The other benefits of insuring your goods this way is that (1) you have no annual premium to pay. (2) Your account will be debited on a monthly basis. (3) There is no hassle of year end adjustments and you can supply each client with their own certificate of insurance and a list of loss adjusters in the event of a claim before the goods have left your premises.

Stock throughput policies

If you are involved in import/export, STORAGE, and onward transit to final customer’s destination, a stock throughput policy can be tailored to suit your needs. By building a bespoke policy for you that covers all aspects of the movement of goods from A to B we will not only save you money but mitigate potential claim disagreements as you will only have one insurer covering the goods from start to finish.

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