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Cornish Insurance | Our Products: Airside Liability Cover
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Airside Liability Cover

Cover is available for third party motor vehicle property damage, and/or bodily injury, and/or third party general public liability.

Our cover, originally designed to provide cover for haulage vehicles which are permitted airside, has now been extended to provide third party legal liability insurance for concessionaires, contractors and, occasionally, individuals working in or about the airport premises. For example, window cleaners, office cleaners, surveyors, photographers and broadcast industry personnel, delivery agents, catering agents etc.

Territorial Limits

Cover is not restricted to UK airports or any one airport authority/operator but the insured person or company does have to be UK domiciled/registered and cover does exclude activities in the USA and Canada.

Limits of Liability Available

Indemnity limits range from GBP 5m and above but a lower limit can be catered for, if required. However, in most circumstances substantially higher limits will be required. The maximum limit available under our policy is GBP 100m. Cover can be provided for a period of 24 hours to annual placement, depending upon your requested contract terms.