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Cornish Insurance | Our Products: Liability Cover
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Liability Cover

Public Liability – Do you need this cover?

Whilst not compulsory many of your trading partners will require you to have this cover in place. There is no doubt that any prudent business however small will certainly carry this type of cover. And, as insurance providers, you would expect us to recommend this cover to all and sundry! But in all seriousness, by operating without this cover you are risking house and home.

Public Liability covers you in the event of you being negligent in your actions towards a third party. A couple of examples of how this may operate and how you may be held liable are:-

  • You are a haulage contractor, and whilst you are unloading your vehicle you leave a box on the floor and a member of the public falls over it.

  • You are a plumber, and you fail to cap a pipe off and flood your customer’s house.

Concerned? Call us now. The premiums are lower than you may imagine

Employers’ Liability – Do you need this cover?

If you are employing or you fall into a position where a contract of employment may apply you will be required, by law (Compulsory Insurance – Act 1969) to carry this cover. For more information on the exceptions to this law please click on the link to view the HSE employers guide.

Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.
Guide Notes:- Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0.

The list of occupations covered under our contracts is far too exhaustive to list. However we are able to place most professions including ‘high risk’ operations. So whatever the risk we will have a bespoke contract to provide you with cover.

Products Liability – Do you need this cover?

Should you be involved with a business that provides goods/materials then you will probably already be aware of the need to carry this type of cover. This type of policy protects you in the event of injury to third parties as a result of defective goods or materials supplied by you. We will also consider cover for goods exported to North America.

Specialist Liability – Do you need this cover?

We can provide specialist liability cover for:

  • Hauliers (inc vans)

  • Couriers

  • Coach

  • Taxi