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Specialists since 1984

Our Products

A selection of our 'bespoke' products are detailed below. Remember this is not an exhaustive list but an example of our 'best sellers'.

Welcome to the Transport Insurance Specialists

Cornish Insurance has built up an enviable reputation over 27 years providing unparalleled service to our clients. We have achieved an outstanding reputation whilst gaining respect throughout the underwriting community.

Many of the products available at Cornish Insurance are available only through us. No other Broker or Insurer will be able to offer these niche market products. By listening to our customers needs we have worked closely with our insurer partners to create products designed specifically for you and your business.

Haulage Insurance Package (Exclusive)

At Cornish Insurance you can save £'ssss on your haulage insurance cover by opting for one of our specialist Haulage Insurance Packages. We know the haulage insurance market and with over 25 years experience in providing niche haulage insurance schemes you can secure your haulage insurance cover by speaking to one of our haulage insurance experts on 01840 213836. No call waiting; No automated telephone system just expert haulage insurance advice from one of the UK's leading transport insurance specialists.

Call 01840 213836 now or click 'call back' to speak to one of our haulage insurance specialists. We can provide you with a haulage insurance quotation within minutes… No waiting!

We believe our Haulage insurance rates to be the lowest in the UK and by paying Cornish Insurance to provide your haulage insurance cover you can be sure you are dealing with one of the UK's leading haulage insurance providers. Haulage Insurance is a specialist area and our haulage insurance package includes as standard many areas of cover excluded by other haulage insurance contracts, from the carriage of alcohol and computers to the liabilities associated with off road tipping risk. Our European Haulage Insurance package provides you with a green card with generous territorial limits. European haulage cover, by its very nature requires freedom of movement and with the backing of a specialist European Haulage Insurance provider there will be no more calls to your insurance company to extend your cover, the Cornish Insurance Haulage Insurance Package takes care of that.

Call the truck insurance specialist today – DO NOT renew your haulage insurance policy without calling us first.

Euro Van Insurance Scheme (Exclusive)

When it comes to Van Insurance make Cornish Insurance Euro Van your first 'port of call'. Our Euro Van Policy provides fully comprehensive van insurance at unbeatable premiums. Released in 2010 the euro Van policy has proven a big hit with both the UK and European Van haulier.

With premiums from as low as £1400 for full European van cover including a 'real' green card, we believe the quality of cover cannot be matched.

Courier Insurance Scheme (Exclusive)

As a courier your two most important insurable areas are your vehicle and the items that you are trusted with delivering. Here at Cornish Insurance we are dedicated to making sure that you are covered for all eventualities and that your Van insurance policy doesn't let you down when you need it most. Unlike our Haulage Insurance for Vans (Euro Van) policy our courier insurance policy allows you to enter partnerships with mail and parcel delivery companies suck as UK mail or DHL.

There are several elements of your occupation that are covered by specific insurance policies, but don't worry the following insurances can be combined into one policy or can be kept separate, at Cornish Insurance we will only sell you the insurances that are right for you.

Firstly you will need a motor insurance policy which covers you for business use and for multi-drop deliveries, the amount of drops that your insurance policy allows you to complete each day varies depending upon whether you choose to take our Euro Van policy (Haulage insurance for vans) or our bespoke courier insurance product and should be discussed when you contact Cornish Insurance so you can ensure that you aren't paying for more than you need. Another benefit of Cornish Insurance's courier insurance policy is that the number of insured drivers can be chosen. Choose between just yourself, normally up to 4 named drivers, or you can insure the vehicle so that it can be driven by anyone over 25 years of age, again Cornish Insurance can tailor the policy to match your insurance needs.

Two other areas of courier insurance to consider are employer's liability insurance and public liability insurance. If you employ anyone else then employer's liability is a legal insurance requirement, which can again be incorporated into courier insurance here at Cornish Insurance. Public Liability can also be incorporated into your courier insurance and protects you from any claims made against you for accident or injury from members of the public.

Our goods in transit policy is great value for money and can be tailored to your needs at some of the lowest premiums in the UK

Courier insurance cover is a specialist area, so, for a low cost courier insurance policy, Cornish Insurance is the only number you will need. To ask any courier insurance related question or to get a quote today, avoid the automated phone systems and call Cornish Insurance.

Cameraman Insurance Scheme (Exclusive)

Our cameraman insurance is designed by cameramen for cameramen.

As a cameraman, your most important possession is your camera. Your livelihood, and sanity, relies on it staying in one piece and working so that you can carry on working. Whether you are a freelance cameraman, a part of film production or a part of the general broadcasting industry. You need to know that you have a media insurance policy to comfort you when the worst does happen, with the knowledge that your insurance cover can get you back out there doing what you do best.

Why not also check out our new personal injury insurance for cameramen. We will even provide camera cover for excluded territories. War Zone insurance is also available.

Here at Cornish Insurance our policies are easy to understand, and our security warranties are uncomplicated and inexpensive to comply with; unlike a lot of similar camera insurance policies offered by our competitors.

One of the benefits of choosing our cameraman insurance policy is that should a clause of the security warranty not be complied with, your insurance will still be valid. Cornish Insurance will still indemnify you but with a simple increase in your camera insurance excess.

This cameraman insurance policy also offers cover within the European Union automatically but the insurance can be extended to other areas of the world with one call to us here at Cornish Insurance.

Our cameraman insurance policy also provides cameramen with free cover for temporary hire of replacement equipment. This allows you to carry on working while your insurance company sorts out either a repair or the replacement of your own out of action camera equipment.

Our cameraman insurance policy also understands that journalists, the media and the broadcasting industry as a whole have to follow the stories, this is why our insurance policy can included terrorism cover for when you are in the thick of it. Just ask our camera insurance team here at Cornish Insurance.

All the equipment covered on our cameraman insurance is on a "new for old" basis, meaning that even if your broken equipment is as old as the hills, this insurance policy will replace it with the latest model in media broadcasting equipment. Check out our "What people say about this" to see what professional cameramen have said about this specific advantage of our cameraman insurance policy.

If the worst does happen and you need to make a claim on your cameraman insurance, you can be guaranteed of a quick, efficient and helpful claims handling service. All insurance claims are handled by us here in our office, you won't get passed along.

Here at Cornish Insurance we are known for our friendly approach to customers and our flexibility when it comes to getting you the insurance that you need and the insurance cover that you want. So simply give us a call and speak to our friendly cameraman insurance team if there are any extras you would like your insurance to cover. Here at Cornish Insurance we don't use automated phone systems we simply answer the phone and start answering your insurance questions.

For cameraman insurance switch to Cornish Insurance Camera Cover. Whether you are looking for insurance for camera equipment or sound recording equipment insurance call our dedicated camera insurance team today!