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Jim (James Ian) White Dies at the age of 66
We are sad to report the death of Jim following a battle with cancer. >> CARS FOR CAMERAMEN !
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Providing all goes well during their discussions at ACAS, there will be even more goods news for the tanker drivers as their leaders walk from their meeting later today (04/04/12). >>
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A really difficult decision for any Haulage Fleet Operator, Transport Manager or Owner Driver. We are all aware of the time pressures placed upon the logistics sector but it is important to always be aware of the flip-side.

As Brokers to this sector for over 30 years we have witnessed the disasters that can happen by sending vehicles out either unprepared for the conditions or by sending vehicles out manned by inexperienced drivers.

We all know the British Truckers are a proud bunch and work on the basis of 'yes we will get it there!' but just pause to consider the consequences of not delaying a load by maybe 6 or 10 hours. One incident could give rise to a claim for the truck/Trailer and load and 'God forbid' the Driver. Such a claim could cause irreparable damage to not only your reputation but your claims experience/NCB no doubt increasing future premiums or in the worse instances rendering you uninsurable: Result=Game Over.

We know money has to be earned and a parked vehicle loses money but weigh up the odds first.

More information on your responsibilities to drivers can be found in the attached leaflet. In a world full of litigation, this is always worth a read!

Safe Driving and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our valued customers

(Posted 09/01/2017)

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