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Marine Cargo: One-Off Policy

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You can request a quote by completing the form below. Or click here to return to our other Marine Cargo policies.

Personal Information

First Name:*
Company Name:
Business Type:

Your Vehicle Details

  Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2 Vehicle 3 Vehicle 4
Gross Vehicle Weight:
Year First Registered:
Registration Number:
No Claims Bonus Years:
Annual Green Card Required:
Can you limit your green card to Benelux countries only (Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Holland):
If this is a new start/venture are you able to supply a letter of claim free driving from a previous employer? Yes No
If so detail number of years you can provide:

You & Your Drivers

This policy is limited to named drivers aged 30 and over and 65 and below with 6 or less penalty points. If driving can be limited to one named driver only please tick here:
  Surname Forename Date of Birth HGV Licence List here any convictions sustained within the last 3 years inc dates and points received
Driver 1
Driver 2
Driver 3
Driver 4
Driver 5
Driver 6
Driver 7
Driver 8
Please provide details of any accidents sustained by any driver during the past 3 years.  Please include the drivers name, date of accident, fault or non fault and the costs if known: