What is Unwitting CMR?

This refers to a carrier who picks up a load believing it to be a purely national transit, i.e. where the transit commences and finishes in the same country, and discovers upon collecting the load that it is an international movement subject to the CMR convention.

Typically this would be where the carrier uses a tractor unit to take a trailer load to or from docks or rail terminals. Such circumstances invoke article 34 of the CMR convention, and the carrier would be deemed a successive CMR carrier.

Our policies will cover the carrier and protect their liability under CMR if they have arranged cover for CMR movements, whether such movements are made knowingly or unwittingly. If, however, the carrier has only arranged cover under domestic conditions of transit such as RHA or FTA he would need to specifically request an extension of cover for any unwitting CMR movements. Under all the Cornish Insurance wordings our freight liability policies will provide cover, up to a limit of £250,000, at no extra charge as an 'Additional Benefit'.