Level 4 (Europe)

Roadside assistance including local tow Up to £350
Onward Travel Up to £500 if we cannot repair your vehicle within a reasonable time
Basecall Service begins outside a 1 mile radius from the registered address
Emergency accommodation Where a breakdown occurs late at night we may offer hotel accommodation up to £650
Mandatory Highway Tow We will contribute £60 towards the cost of a mandatory tow
Caravan/trailer service Included free up to 3500kgs
Message relay If you need to contact someone at work or home, we can do this for you
Repatriation Vehicle repatriation for vehicles under 3500kgs (GVW) or for the driver if the vehicle is over 3500kgs.
Accident management Included free

Premium levels required per vehicle – option 4

Vehicles up to 10 year old only (Older vehicles unacceptable)

<3.5 tonne 3.51 – 7.5 Tonne 7.51 – 18 Tonne 18.1 – 44 Tonne
n/a £399.00 £439.00 £469.00