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We fully understand the costs associated with downtime which inevitably occurs when any commercial vehicle is involved in a motor incident resulting in damage to your vehicle. Even if you are fortunate enough to continue to operate your vehicle the distractions caused in trying to resolve issues surrounding your claim can still have an impact on your day-to-day running of your business.

Experience has shown that the closer the communication between your account handler and your claims handler the smoother the claim will be handled. We DO NOT employ (like many other brokers) outside claims handlers (‘Outsourcing’) but continue to handle claims in-house, enabling the dedicated claims handler to speak face to face with your account handler.

Should you be unfortunate enough to experience any incident which could give to a claim please call us immediately on 01840 211906. For outside hours assistance within UK or Europe call 0871 9025716 or call your account handlers mobile contact number. Should you wish us to call you please use the ‘Call-Back’ option here on this website using the heading ‘CLAIMS’.

Whether you believe you are at fault or not please ensure you report any incident to us.

Claims reporting numbers

• During Normal Office Hours 0044 (0) 1840 211906 or 0044 (0) 1840 213836
• Outside Normal Office Hours 0871 902 5176

Whilst it is no longer necessary in all cases to submit a claim form we would encourage you to always try to submit to one to us fully completed, along with your drivers’ statement and a copy of the European Drivers Statement (if applicable) as early after the incident as is possible. This may seem ‘old fashioned’ but we have always believed in the concept of ‘if it works – why change it’ In these days of increased litigation and fraudulent claims, the more information obtained immediately after the incident the mote chance we will have of ensuring we can exonerate you.

We fully endorse the use of Roadhawk front facing camras. Please click here for more information.